Top 3 VPN for Windows 10

Windows has been having privacy issues for years. Various methods of hacking and phishing compromise online privacy, and the growth of blocking and restrictions make it difficult to gain access to the information you need. The only way to solve the problem is to use a VPN. But which provider to choose? Here are three options to consider.


VeePN provides high-speed access to 2,500 servers in 50 countries. The service is powered by Double VPN technology and uses 256-bit encryption, which provides the best security and privacy. You also get ad blocking and information collection trackers as a bonus.
VeePN features:
· A secure connection in one click;
· Low rates, refunds within 30 days;
· Functions for blocking ads, trackers, malicious sites;
· Automatic VPN activation when connected to free Wi-Fi hotspots;
· Suitable for any OS, including (OS Windows 10, Android), browsers, instant messengers;
· Possibility to connect up to 10 devices with unlimited traffic to one Email account.


PureVPN is easy to set up, fast and comfortable to use. One of the main features of the service is cross-platform. The client can be installed not only on PCs and phones but can even integrate into custom firmware DD-Wrt wireless routers. Therefore, all your traffic will be protected regardless of your computer settings. With all these features, PureVPN could easily be the best VPN for Windows 10.
PureVPN features:
· The concise user interface, simple control;
· The hide IP function allows you to hide your address to access various websites;
· Cross-platform with the ability to install and configure on a router with DDWRT firmware;
· Protection against sniffing, IPS monitoring;
· Split tunneling (double tunneling) function, which allows you to configure different IPs for different services;
· Connection of up to five devices per one license, low subscription cost when paying for a year, and a money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is an example of quality and reliability. The application is easy to install and even easier to use. The main thing is that the service combines accessibility to beginners and the possibility of fine-tuning for advanced users. Considering the number of servers (4,000 in 60 countries), the stability of the connection, the decent speed, and the small cost of monthly access for long-term subscriptions, NordVPN beats many competitors.
Advantages of NordVPN:
· Developed network of servers in numerous countries around the world;
· High speed and stability of connection; 2048 bit encryption;
· Kick-off protection, ad blocking, and malware blocking;
· Double VPN technology, which provides double encryption of data on different servers;
· Anonymous torrenting using p2p technology without restrictions, bypassing US Netflix blocking and other services;
· Support for all popular customizable secure data transfer protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec;
· Cross-platform – one account can work on six different devices at the same time. By purchasing a license, you get an excellent VPN for 45 cents monthly per device!

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