Board portal and companies performance

There is no doubt that every business owner is in search of valuable tools that they can implement into their working routine. One of such tools is the board portal. The board portal will include such aspects as: – Security level; – Adoptability- how easy will to use it; – Service- how helpful it can […]

Top Antivirus Reviews of 2020 for Small Business - Post Thumbnail

Top Antivirus Reviews of 2020 for Small Business

Every business should make sure to install reliable antivirus protection. It’ll not only shield their activities from hackers and viruses but save the data on the devices. All the documents will stay private and safe if you choose properly. What’s more, it’s important to secure smooth PC performance lest it lets you down when you […]

Best Identity Theft Protection of 2019 - Post Thumbnail

Best Identity Theft Protection of 2019

What data protection methods are relevant in 2019? The best tips. The theft of personal information in our time has been greatly simplified – for this, attackers do not even need to leave the house: online there is everything in the public domain that is needed to carry out such criminal acts. This means that […]


Record MadBid iPad Price

Yesterday MadBid sold an iPad 3 for a record high of £302.60. Just for fun, let’s calculate how much profit MadBid made from this one auction, shall we? Assume that all credits used were bought in yesterday’s BOGOF at 5p each. It’s 8 credits per bid on an iPad. So that’s 40p a pop. £302.60 […]