MadBid Promo Code

Searching for the latest MadBid promo code? Head to the MadBid site and look for a vertical banner on the right of your screen. If there’s a code out, you will be able to see it on the banner. To use the code, click on the top up credits button (it’s green) and then write it in the promo code box. You’ll know it’s been applied because ‘+100.00% bids!’ will flash up (again in green).

If you can see a banner with a code on it but you can’t see the code in full, you need to zoom out. You can do this in Google Chrome by pressing Ctl + -. To return the zoom to normal, just press Ctrl + 0.

Of course, there might not be a code out right now. You’ll know if there isn’t a code because either there won’t be a banner at all, or there will be a banner but there won’t be a code on it, just run-of-the-mill advertising.

If there’s no code you can use, you might be wondering when the next one will be released. There’s no way of telling for sure, but as a rule of thumb, MadBid release a code every week. Normally at the weekend. So in a typical week, MadBid will send out a code on Saturday morning and it will be valid until Saturday midnight. That will be it for another week, so you have to act fast.

If you are a registered MadBidder, you shouldn’t actually have to check the site to find out whether there’s a code. When there’s a code out MadBid should send you a text telling you what it is and when you have to use it by. If you’re not receiving texts from MadBid, it might be worth pinging them an email at to let them know.

Why codes are good

With a code you get 100% extra free bids. You buy one, get one free (BOGOF for short). Buy a large credit pack for £99.99 and you will receive 2,000 credits instead of the normal 1,000.

Be aware that you will receive 2,000 credits with a value of 5p each, rather than 1,000 credits with a value of 10p each. This means that each bid you place on a buy now auction will earn you a 5p discount rather than a 10p discount. The total value of your credits, then, will be the same as if you’d bought them without a code, but you will have twice of many of them. Twice as many credits means twice as many bids. Twice as many bids means twice as many chances of winning. That’s good!

The bottom line is, you should only buy credits when you have a code. If there’s no code out but you need credits, try to be patient. It will save you money.

Users who are new to MadBid, or who haven’t bought credits for a long time, may be sent out codes which entitle them to even more than the usual 100% extra bids free. If you get one, lucky you! Now is the time to stock up on bids.

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